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This issue cropped up two years ago, when a bunch of small telcos started blocking calls to FreeConference.. e , 'just plug it into a USB port 'That part isn't totally truthful 'VanguardLH' wrote in message news:DIWdne6u2bc3vxDVnZ2dnUVZ_qLinZ2d@comcast.. That way I can see how it digs into the OS and what ports it uses (to establish a QoS rule in the router on that port).

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If it kills the window that loads then it won't be a good solution as the flicker and focus change during the popup and its kill will still interfere with other apps.. The MagicJack is pretty simple, but it will not work on my PC I am not a computer guru, but I was told that my ISP was selling it's own telephone via PC service, so they blocked the ports that MagicJack would normally use.. After signing up for Netflix com and Hulu com a while back Caller ID and Blocking Calls With MagicJack - Yes, There AreSome Easy and Free SolutionsThe unit number this helps you acts as a first distinctive line of defe.. MagicJack Blocker was created after having complaints about how this software worked on my computer.

free call blocker for magicjack

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If there is a simple way to connect MagicJack to my computer, I'd love to hear it.. com, because FreeConference is actually a big regulatory arbitrage scam MagicJack itself is a CLEC that most likely benefits from some kind of regulatory arbitrage, so it's just another small telco.. Can magicJack work as a call blocker, rejecting nuisance calls before they ever ring your phone? The answer is a qualified yes - with a little help.

magicjack call blocker

Jim 27 07 08 22:50 I own a MagicJack and a plain Dell 8300 with Windows XP and a broadband connection.. Downside: This highly praised and effective system (winner of an FTC contest seeking the best solution to stop robocalls) works only with an Internet-based service offered by participating cable providers, such as Comcast and AT&T U-Verse, Vonage, magicJack or other Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).. I came across a MJ blocker while reading some reviews of it It is at: The download is at: I don't how well it works as I'll only need it when I get a MagicJack to test it out.

how to block robocalls on magicjack

V1 2 says it returns focus to whichever app had it before MJ tried to popup its window but if the focus is lost in the first place then there can still be interference with the current app.. Otherwise, MagicJack is a neat idea, but they shouldn't brag about the effortless install, i.. One of the tests will be to try to keep MJ from shoving its Softphone popup on the screen which will interfere with your current work in progress and gameplay.. I'll first check if the software restriction policy works before bothering with additional software to control MJ's popup.. I haven't succumbed yet to getting this toy but probably will I'll first test it in a virtual machine (VMware Server supports USB ports whereas VirtualPC does not).. If the background program is not the Softphone itself (i e , the MJ monitor is a separate process) then I might be able to use local security policies to block the Softphone executable from loading in the first place.. MagicJack (MJ) pops up a window when you receive a call or someone picks up a phone connected to MJ. 5ebbf469cd